Design plans for Platform K, Source: Platform K on Facebook

New cultural hub will open in Horsens this autumn

New cultural hub will open in Horsens this autumn

Platform K will be built with the aim of realising young people’s dreams

Young people in the Danish municipality of Horsens will soon be able to meet friends and engage in new activities in Platform K: a hub that promotes local culture, music, art, etc. The construction of this cultural hub has already begun, and the venue is expected to open its doors on 3 September this autumn.

What will Platform K offer?  

The new meeting place will allow Horsens’ citizens to take part in a variety of activities and events. Platform K will house a café where students and young people can meet up to study, talk, or attend events such as concerts, quizzes, and lectures, among others.

In addition to this, the cultural hub will allow groups and individuals to book rooms for band rehearsals, creative workshops, or business meetings. More specifically, there will be 5 rehearsal rooms for young and aspiring musicians to practice their instruments. Taking this further, one of the rooms will be fully equipped with musical instruments.

Søren Raffnsøe, head of Platform K, spoke to the City of Horsens and discussed his vision for the new cultural hub, explaining that it will be a place where young people can realise their dreams: “The absolutely most important task is to establish, operate and develop a youth culture house and venue that supports and strengthens the local music, art, and culture environment – and Horsens as a city of culture and education.”

Young people can be co-creators of the hub

According to Raffnsøe, Platform K is always looking for new and creative ideas. Therefore, it invites Horsens’ youth to share their visions by emailing What is more, all young people are further encouraged to become volunteers at the hub.

Platform K will be located on Madevej 2, near the Horsens Gymnasium, railway station and city centre. Its central location is expected to make it the perfect meeting spot for the youth in Horsens.

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