The plan also calls for movable urban furniture so citizens can sit wherever they want , Source: City of Brasov

New development plan puts the old city hall in Brasov at the centre of city life

New development plan puts the old city hall in Brasov at the centre of city life

The square has not been redeveloped since the 1980s and choosing the right project was very important

This week, authorities in Brasov, Romania, announced a new project to redevelop the city’s central square located in front of the old city hall building, which is currently the History Museum. The project that won the public tender proposes to cover the square in tall chestnut trees which will provide shade and make it more attractive as a leisure space.

At the same time, Sfatului Square has often been used as a seasonal market space and the project aims to strengthen that aspect of the space. It calls for the city hall building to become the centrepiece of the market by opening it up to the public.

The old city hall building will become an active part of city life

The old city hall building in Brasov is somewhat awkwardly placed at an angle in the middle of the square and is currently the definite focal point of the space. At the same time, there is a street passing through Sfatului, splitting the space and inviting the noise and chaos of the hustle and bustle of everyday life to this otherwise quiet and pristine part of Brasov.

According to a statement by the city, after the redevelopment is finished, the street will be closed and become a part of the square. The History Museum building will concurrently become part of the market. In fact, the building is slated to be the central piece of the seasonal markets regularly held on the square.

A sensitive topic for the city

According to Mayor Allen Coliban, the Sfatului Square has not gone through major redevelopment since the 1980s and this made picking and implementing the right project a particularly tricky process. He explained that due to the square’s longevity in public perception, a lot of Brasov citizens feel quite strongly about it, including himself.

He continued: “Piata Sfatului is the most complex element that makes up the heart of Brasov. It is a place very emotionally connected to the memory of many Brasov residents. I remember when I was a student I would return to Brasov on the weekends, and before I went home, I would go to the Council Square to simply breathe and feel the city’s vibration and historical past. I think that the intervention proposed by the winning project is a discreet one, a very sensitive one and one that fully deserves the first prize.”



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