New drinking fountains to appear in Lisbon

New drinking fountains to appear in Lisbon

Over 200 fountains will be installed or renovated in the coming years

Citizens of Lisbon will soon have access to new drinking fountains and renovated green spaces across the city. 200 new fountains will soon be installed in the Portuguese capital, while old ones will be renovated by the Portuguese Water Company EPAL.

The proposal for the initiative was submitted by Lisbon City Councillor responsible for the Environment, Climate and Energy José Sá Fernandes. The goal is for EPAL to commence its renovation efforts as early as this year – starting with the Garridas or Benfica fountain in the parish of Benfica and the Intendente or Desterro fountain in the parish of Santa Maria Maior.

EPAL will be tasked with carrying out renovations efforts and installing new fountains all the way up to 2022. After the Water Company has done its job, Lisbon City Council will take over the task of maintaining the water fountains and their surrounding areas, ensuring their cleanliness and the water’s suitability for consumption.

Furthermore, in 2020, EPAL will be tasked with the installation of photovoltaic panels, meant to ensure sustainable electricity supply for Lisbon’s water network.

Using water fountains to fight climate change

City authorities across Europe have taken a liking to installing new drinkable water fountains in urban areas. Their introduction leads to reduced consumption of plastic water bottles, which in turn contributes to fighting climate change. Some good examples of the approach can be seen in London as well as in other parts of Portugal - like Porto.

Lisbon will be taking over the mantle of European Green Capital next year and is doing so under the banner of urban evolution. The local government is eager to prove that the city is quick to adapt and adopt new changes to tackle modern challenges – especially when it comes to environmental protection. The introduction and rehabilitation of water fountains will undoubtedly contribute to the Portuguese capital’s anti-climate change efforts.




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