Check out the new NEB Festival this summer, Source: European Commission

New European Bauhaus to celebrate creative ideas with a Festival

New European Bauhaus to celebrate creative ideas with a Festival

The multi-platform event will take place 9-12 June

The New European Bauhaus is transforming yet again – this time under the form of an NEB Festival to take place in Brussels, 9-12 June.

Willing participants are encouraged to apply for showcasing their ideas by 7 March. Likewise, people or organizations who would like to host side events concurrently in other European cities can also apply as a way of expanding the scope of the event. As for the viewers, they can enjoy the project presentations in person or online.

Fest, Fair and Forum: 3 pillars to define the event

The New European Bauhaus, as an idea, rests firmly on three principles: sustainability, aesthetics and inclusivity. The organizers have borrowed that concept to also create three pillars for The Festival itself:

  • Fair: This is the section where the creative minds who are working or have already completed projects or products that fit the NEB principles. They can present them to the public for inspiration or even some for some constructive criticism. The other benefit of the Fair is the opportunity to meet, interact and exchange ideas among actors from a variety of spheres. The NEB idea has always been to evolve in a trans-disciplinary way by breaking the hard set boundaries between experts of different fields.
  • Fest: This will be the cultural section of the event. The planners would like to specifically invite younger and relatively unknown artists to showcase and perform their work. The contributions can cover architecture and design, music, theatre or also a moment of conviviality to allow people from different backgrounds and sectors to meet and interact.  
  • Forum: As the name suggests this will be the dimension of debates on the key themes of the New European Bauhaus: sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion. The promise here is to have innovative participatory formats (in-person and virtual) so that anyone can get a chance to join it, so we are excited to find out how these will play out.

Apart from the main event in the Belgian capital, The Festival planners are giving the opportunity to volunteers to organize side events in their home cities in the EU and beyond. Likewise, Brussels residents, institutions and organizations can volunteer to host an event by offering a specific space, such as a theatre, cinema, museum, community space, cultural centre, café, courtyard, etc.

No matter how you would like to take part in The Festival, the deadline you should apply by is 7 March on the dedicated website.



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