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New exhibition in Aarhus will merge culture, technology and health

New exhibition in Aarhus will merge culture, technology and health

“Culture brings power to health” will open on 7 May at DokkX

For many years, people have seen medicine as the only cure to health-related issues. Now, the Municipality of Aarhus in Denmark wants to explore how culture and technology can contribute to health and welfare.

As such, the welfare technology experience space DokkX will host the exhibition “Culture brings power to health” from Friday 7 May. This exhibition will merge culture, technology, and health to explore how they interact and interplay. Therefore, it will explore ideas such as how rhythmic music can help those with walking difficulties maintain a better balance to walk more easily.

The theme of this exhibition has reportedly been derived from the municipality’s Culture and Health Plan which seeks to set a common goal for the fields of culture and health. Jette Skive, the Councillor for Health and Care in Aarhus commented:

“When culture, health, and technology merge, new opportunities arise. New opportunities for the joy and benefit of us all, and opportunities that can help some of our most vulnerable citizens have a better life.”

Both culture and technology promote wellbeing

The primary goal of this exhibition is to shine a light on how culture can contribute to improving one’s health and wellbeing. Rabih Azad-Ahmad, the Councillor for Culture and Citizen Services, shared that cultural activities positively impact our mental health.

Moreover, he noted that they promote social interaction and allow the formation of communities. Thanks to technology, this culture can now be accessible to people of all abilities. “With the technology we have today, we can ensure that cultural experiences are accessible to everyone,” concluded Azad-Ahmad.

At the exhibition, one will be able to view and participate in over 40 different technological and cultural activities; that is, they will have the opportunity to experience Virtual Reality and test out applications for sleep disorders or anxiety, among various other things.

Due to COVID restrictions, only 25 people will be allowed to attend the opening at DokkX; however, it will also be possible to attend virtually via Microsoft Teams.

“Culture brings power to health” will run until 1 October.  



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