Brno's University Hospital receiving the new devices, Source: Brno University Hospital

New monitors to prevent sudden infant death syndrome in Brno’s University Hospital

New monitors to prevent sudden infant death syndrome in Brno’s University Hospital

The Křižovatka Foundation donated 30 modern devices as part of its “Mommy, I’m breathing” project

Earlier this month, Czechia’s Křižovatka Foundation donated 30 modern devices to the University Hospital in Brno. More specifically, the companies RED HAT, RENAULT AUTO POKORNÝ BRNO, STRABAG and CHAPS purchased baby breathing monitors which the foundation then gifted to the Neonatology Department of Brno’s University Hospital.

According to a press release, Křižovatka Foundation is the only one of its kind, promoting public awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in Czechia. With this mission in mind, it equips hospitals with Babysense monitors that detect respiratory arrest, apnea pauses, and irregularities in newborn babies’ breathing.

When it detects one of the aforementioned issues, the monitor immediately sounds an alarm to alert an adult. In this way, the baby breathing monitors prevent the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome.

“Mommy, I’m breathing”

The donation of the baby monitors is part of the Křižovatka Foundation’s “Maminko, dýchám” (“Mommy, I’m breathing”) project. With this initiative, the foundation aims to equip every baby crib in Czechia’s maternity, neonatal, and ICU hospitals with a Babysense breathing monitor. What is more, it also allows parents to borrow a device for a certain period of time after leaving the maternity hospital.

Since its operations began 25 years ago, the Křižovatka Foundation has successfully equipped hospitals all over the country with a total of 9,500 breathing monitors worth approximately CZK 36 million (over EUR 1.4 million).

Brno’s University Hospital reports that the baby breathing monitors are registered with the Ministry of Health as a medical device and have undergone several years of clinical trials.

To view photographs from the official donation of the monitors, see the gallery above.



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