L-R: Joachim Schwiers, Director at the directorate for Building and Security of the European Union, Patrick Gillen, ex-president of the Kirchberg Fund, Francois Biltgen, judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union, Source: The Kirchberg Fund on Facebook

New park in Luxembourg celebrates multilingualism

New park in Luxembourg celebrates multilingualism

The park will be constructed at the foot of the Court of Justice of the European Union buildings and it will function as a green lung for the area

Yesterday, authorities in Luxembourg announced the construction of a new park, located next to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) buildings in Luxembourg city. The project was launched by the Kirchberg Fund, a public company dedicated to developing the Kirchberg plateau, the district where most EU related institutions in the city are located.

The park will be dedicated to multilingualism and it will feature 25 trees, each dedicated to one of the languages of the European Union. Technically, there are only 24 officially recognised languages in the EU, but the 25th tree will represent Luxembourgish.

The park will also have metal plaques referencing the multiple alphabets used in Europe.

According to L’essentiel, construction will be finished by the spring of 2023. The project will cost 4 million euros and hopefully, it will be inaugurated on 9 May - Europe Day.

The new green lung for Kirchberg

The new park will be constructed on a space of 1.15 hectares, where the previous Jean Monnet building stood until 2018. The Jean Monnet building was an office complex for the European Commission, however, the original building was demolished to make way for a larger one, still located in the Kirchberg district in Luxembourg city.

The new park will fill out the vacant plot left by the building and turn it into a luscious green space, that can service the near 10,000 employees working in the CJEU. According to a statement by the Kirchberg Fund, the landscaping architect, Michel Desvigne, has designed the park in a way that will emphasise local terrain features like slopes and hills.



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