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New platform unites reading enthusiasts in Antwerp

New platform unites reading enthusiasts in Antwerp

Book recommendations, reading events or places of inspiration on Antwerpen Leest

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and with social distancing forcing us to stay at home, many have returned to books as a traditional and enriching pastime activity. Luckily, reading enthusiasts from Antwerp who want to stay connected despite the pandemic and for everyone who needs reading advice, there is a brand new virtual space to do this. Antwerpen Leest (Antwerp Reads) is a new reading platform that connects everyone interested in literature.

Local social media for book addicts

Antwerp Reads, broadly speaking, is perfect for the avid readers, bookstores, libraries, associations or those interested in culture. The platform is the newest online place where everyone can find reading tips from local readers, learn about reading events, get to know inspirational places where it is comfortable to spend some hours hooked on a book.

All reading places discovered by community members are conveniently pinned on a map of Antwerp, while over 200 reading tips (and counting) are waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, a list of upcoming digital literary events - from festivals to reading groups or poetry slams – is also available.

The community already boasts over 175 readers, interested in different genres. Each one of them writes reviews about their favourite books or reading spots. Their recommendations can be consulted on the website of Antwerp Reads and each reader can be followed – much like a social media, but only for book lovers.

Also, if you believe you have something worthy to say about reading and have interesting reading suggestions to share, you can join the community by becoming a reading ambassador. On the other hand, if you need a customised reading tip, tailored to your particular needs, you will find plenty of good ideas in the community – just drop a line and send a message to its dedicated Facebook page.

The platform is supported by the Municipality of Antwerp and the Flemish government and proves how cities and local communities can get through critical times with innovative approaches.



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