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New police hotline launched in Tallinn

New police hotline launched in Tallinn

The service creates new jobs, is more cost-effective and will speed up police response to reported violations

From Jan. 1, 2020 residents and visitors of Tallinn must dial 14410 instead of 1345 in case of emergency requiring police intervention. From New Year’s Day the new 24/7 municipal police (Mupo) hotline will become operational, replacing the need for calling the national Emergency Response Centre. The new service has created new jobs, will be more cost-effective and will speed up police response to reported violations, according to Mupo manager Aivar Toompere.

The new hotline will be supported by a call center initially staffed by seven persons which will serve as a command center in crisis situations.

Mupo pays the nationwide alarm center around €187, 608 each year for receiving an average of 660 calls per week concerning the city of Tallinn and this weighs on the city budget.

Toompere, quoted by public broadcaster ERR, admitted that taking over the helpline will increase the tasks Mupo have to do. Apart from public order violations he mentioned problems such as open sewers, major water accidents and traffic obstructions which will be reported directly to the new hotline.  

More street patrols

Mupo’s Patrol and Surveillance Department increases the number of patrols in Tallinn from Jan. 1. This move is in line with call center statistics showing that the number of calls has risen by about 10,000 in the last two years, most of which are patrolling challenges. And while in the past Mupo had to focus on parking violations, now public order violations have come to the forefront. After the opening of the new helpline, the number of calls to respond to such offences will likely increase.

Also, three chief inspector posts and five senior inspector posts will be created next year to improve police presence in the city districts, added Toompere.  

With Mupo now having more issues to deal with, the Ministry of the Interior mulls extending the powers of Tallinn’s municipal police. Discussions are underway and, eventually, many of the current national police responsibilities in Estonia’s capital are likely to be handed over to Mupo.



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