Reconstructed Gheriexem Road with promenade, Source: Infrastructure Malta

New promenade between Mdina, Rabat and Mtarfa includes Malta’s first solar footpaths

New promenade between Mdina, Rabat and Mtarfa includes Malta’s first solar footpaths

Gheriexem Road reconstruction has been completed

Infrastructure Malta has announced the completion of the Gheriexem Road overhaul and the construction of its new promenade overlooking Gheriexem Valley which creates a safer pedestrian route between Mdina, Rabat and Mtarfa.

Subsidence-endangered buildings

According to the agency, the EUR 4 million project addresses decades-long complaints by local residents about the gradual sinking of Gheriexem Road, which poses real danger for their homes. Moreover, the road had no infrastructure for pedestrians.

Continuing deterioration of the road prompted Infrastructure Malta to start its reconstruction in July 2020. Prior to the project’s planning, geotechnical surveys confirmed volatile layers of weak, fractured rock and clay underneath the old road. Addressing this issue, the new road and its promenade were propped on 370 steel-reinforced concrete piles embedded three to five storeys into the ground. 

Archaeological finds force changes to retaining structure

The road structure’s design received a last-minute modification to preserve a number of archaeological remains unearthed during the works, making them accessible for future exploration. Within the new retaining structure, a walk-through underground tunnel was built for new high voltage electricity cables that will improve the area’s electricity supply.

New cable ducts were also installed for better internet connectivity and other telecommunication services in this area of Rabat. Taking care of drainage, a new sewer, new stormwater catchments and potable water pipelines were built.

The road now makes room for additional parking spaces and an electric car charging station, while the stone-paved promenade features Malta’s first solar footpaths, decorative lighting, benches, and a row of planters with 40 new trees and other vegetation.



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