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New Second Chance school opens doors in Marseille

New Second Chance school opens doors in Marseille

This type of schools aims to integrate young people back in the educational system

A new Second Chance School was inaugurated in Marseille last month. Located in the 9th district of the French city, it is the second establishment of its type.

The new E2C, as it is commonly referred to, opened its doors on September 27th this year and attracted young people from the eastern neighbourhoods (Huveaune valley south and north, southern districts Mazargues) and those coming from the city's downtown. When at full capacity, it will be able to accomodate 400 trainees.

With more than 850 young people enrolling in 2018, the first School of the second chance was faced with an increase in the number of young adults dropping out of school, which made the inauguration of a second facility absolutely necessary.

The new building covers a total of 1,500 m² and was formerly affiliated with the elementary school of La Pauline, then assigned to the Urban Protection Unit of Marseille. The new site in Romain-Rolland and the existing school in the 15th district were thus made available to the E2C by the City of Marseille.

French innovation in the education of early school leavers

The School of Second Chance (E2C) has set itself out the mission of ensuring - through an approach combining a fast dual education strategy and original pedagogy - the rehabilitation of young adults aged between 18 and 25 years, who have dropped out of the school system without a diploma or qualification and who are not in employment or training.

Created in Marseille at the end of the XXth century, the first school of this type became a reference model for a whole network of 130 sites in France. Last year the E2C Marseille celebrated its 20th anniversary. With its original teaching approach, it is actively involved in the fight against early school abandonment, which has become a national priority and a top European issue with one in every five youngsters in Europe suffering from related issues.



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