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New, strict rules for street advertising in Bratislava

New, strict rules for street advertising in Bratislava

Billboards should not obstruct the view of city landmarks and their placement will be banned in some locations

The Bratislava City Council has approved clear and uniform rules for street advertising in the Slovak capital. For the first time in the modern history of the city, councillors have included the regulation of advertising structures directly in the zoning plan through changes and additions. This will put an end to the chaotic placement of billboards and other structures which interfere with the quality of urban spaces, reports the municipal website.

Strong action against illegal billboards

In Bratislava, it will no longer be possible to install an advertising structure in a zone where this is not permitted by the zoning plan. Advertising structures which are legally placed according to the existing rules will not be affected, but after the expiration of their licenses their number will be gradually reduced.

However, strong action will be taken against players operating illegal advertising structures who are not willing to reach agreement with the city. In such cases, the city government vows to submit the case to the district building authorities and file lawsuits. The legal action may take years, but will ultimately cleanse Bratislava of advertisements that do not belong to the streets, say the councillors.  

Thanks to constructive agreements or submissions to building authorities and courts, the city  managed to remove 411 advertising billboards in 2021 alone. 

Changes in the zoning plan

In line with the approved changes:

  • The city will be divided into four regulatory zones.
  • It will be forbidden to place billboards with an advertising surface larger than 13 m2 in all zones.
  • A total ban on installing advertising structures in the natural environment, including the Danube waterfront, promenades, and greenery defined in the zoning plan.
  • In the wider city centre, the placement of advertising structures should be prohibited, except for smaller city lights with a surface area of ​​up to 3 m2 with a minimum spacing of 100 m, as well as signboards on buildings of institutions, companies and organizations.
  • In protected heritage areas, such as the historic core of the city or the Rusovce monument zone, only basic signboards up to 2 m2 will be allowed.
  • Significant reduction in the number of advertising structures along the compositional axes, such as major traffic routes, where, in addition to signboards, only city lights up to 3 m2 with a spacing of at least 100 m will be allowed.
  • In other urbanized areas, only city lights up to 3 m2 with a minimum spacing of 100 m, billboards up to 13 m2 with a minimum spacing of 200 m and signboards on large commercial and service buildings with a maximum advertising surface of ​​up to 13 m2 for one operation should be permitted.
  • Billboards should not obstruct panoramic views of the city, of its landmarks and valuable objects.



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