New waste sorting facility on its way to Croatia’s Metkovic

New waste sorting facility on its way to Croatia’s Metkovic

Metkovic is one of only 18 municipalities in the country that will benefit from a scheme meant to create such composting plants

In its efforts to further boost sustainability options and in an attempt to continue the country’s pro-environment transformation, the Croatian government has allocated funding for the construction of new waste sorting facilities on its territory. The new composting plants will substantially increase Croatia’s capabilities of going zero-waste and will allow for citizens to lead more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Giving everyone the opportunity to work for the bettering of the environment

The town of Metkovic is among the lucky few who have managed to secure funding under the government’s scheme for the construction of such a waste sorting facility. In total, 18 municipalities and local governments have been selected by central authorities and have been granted some HRK 280 million for the construction of their respective plants.

In the case of Metkovic, local authorities have received HRK 11 million (equating to roughly 1.45 million euros) in order to develop their own capabilities in the field of sustainability. Some HRK 9 million of that funding, however, has been provided by the EU, while the rest comes from the state’s coffers.

According to Croatian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Tomislav Coric such projects are vital for Croatia and its climate ambitions, as the key to waste management is its proper sorting and conversion into reusable materials.

Local officials in Metkovic are particularly satisfied that they have already successfully managed to secure a building permit for the waste sorting facility and are ready to embark on a journey towards their own local circular economy. With cities taking up the torch and carrying the positive message for sustainable growth and development, the EU as a whole will benefit as the citizens themselves become more and more engaged in protecting and preserving the environment.



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