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Nice introduces curfew for kids under 13

Nice introduces curfew for kids under 13

Reportedly, the aim of the local government is to curb violence and disorder among the youth

As of yesterday, the French city of Nice has officially imposed a curfew on children under the age of 13, which applies between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am. In the district of Moulins the measure will apply even to those under 16. The curfew will be in force during the summer period with the aim of curbing juvenile delinquency and increasing public security.

That means that people under these age limits cannot be in public spaces if they are unaccompanied by adults. If they are found to be breaching the curfew, the children may be detained by police and escorted home and their parents could have to pay fines of up to 150 euros.

The measure is seen as somewhat controversial and has served as a debate point for politicians from opposing sides on the ideological spectrum. France’s ultranationalist right, led by Marine Le Pen and her party, National Rally, have seized on recent cases of assault involving minors as proof that law and order are breaking down.

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, said in a press release that declaring such a curfew is unfortunate because it makes the government take on parenting responsibilities.

The fact that a child under 13 is at his parents' house at night should not be the result of the will of a mayor. It should be the common sense of parents and the law,” said the mayor, as quoted by 20 Minutes.

Leftist politicians, however, are arguing that this is only a “façade policy” and that the authorities should instead focus on helping single parents in order to tackle the issue’s social deficiency roots.

Other French municipalities have also imposed a youth curfew

The youth curfew is not a new thing in Nice. It was already in force between 2009 and 2020 and according to the mayor, it had been effective, though others disagree.

Statistics show that under-13-year-olds commit only 2% of assaults and 1% of robberies, which poses into question the effectiveness of such a curfew in improving the overall security situation.

Still, other French towns have also imposed similar curfews. For instance, Beziers and Pennes-Mirabeau adopted such measures this week. In Cagnes-sur-Mer, also in Provence, a curfew for minors under 13 has been in force since 2004.



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