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Night train tester: Europe’s newest profession

Night train tester: Europe’s newest profession

After all, sleeping carriages are basically hotels on wheels

Travelling by train is back in vogue, and especially so doing it at night with the recent announcement of new night routes to crisscross the European continent and get you to your destination well-rested. The popping up of these night services, which young European generations are unaccustomed to, has brought in demands to ensure that they will deliver quality and indeed – a good night’s rest.

In that light, Radical Storage, a luggage storage company, formerly known as Bagbnb, is searching for a night train tester for a month. It’s pretty much self-explanatory – a person who will hop on night trains in Europe and try out the level of their services and the cushiness of their cots.

If you’re feeling adventurous and love being on the move, even while you’re deep in slumber, then Radical Storage would like to hear from you. Applicants have until 5 July to apply by filling an online form here.

What’s in it for the tester?

Applicants must be over 18 years of age and be legally allowed to travel across Europe. He must also have some organizational skills as they will have to plan their trips themselves.

The essence of the gig is that the tester will have his own blog rubric for Radical Storage, where he will write reviews of their night train experiences in all its aspects. Plus, he will also take photos for social media posts.

The successful candidate will get a salary of 500 pounds, or about 575 euros, but he will also enjoy an Interrail pass valid for one month to travel in all of Europe. All costs incurred to travel on board will also be covered, up to a limit of five different night trains. Luggage storage

The Belgian-Dutch company European Sleeper has just given the departure of its Brussels-Berlin via Amsterdam. Nightjet, which belongs to the Austrian railway company OBB, spearheads its connections between Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Budapest and Vienna. Other companies are also bringing up the night service, so it seems that there will be work for testers in the future.



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