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Nordic countries and mainland Europe to be connected by night trains by 2022

Nordic countries and mainland Europe to be connected by night trains by 2022

Swedish and Danish authorities will work together for the establishment of links between Malmo and Brussels and Stockholm and Hamburg

European countries are looking to railways as the solution to many of their travelling woes – be it from a simple traffic point of view, or from an environmental standpoint, trains and railways always prove more efficient and convenient from the point of view of authorities.

That is why, member states across the continent are cooperating in order to build up their railway capacities, to make travelling by train faster and more accessible and ultimately to make it a primary mode of transport for as many people as possible.

Denmark and Sweden – working hand-in-hand for the creation of mobility alternatives

Danish and Swedish authorities have announced that they will jointly be working on a project that will establish two crucial night connections. Night trains have risen in popularity over the last couple of years as an extremely viable alternative to other modes of transport and countries are scrambling to push them under the spotlight and to promote their use.

The project developed by the two Nordic countries is meant to establish two main connections – one between Sweden’s capital of Stockholm and the German city of Hamburg, and one between Sweden’s Malmo and the EU’s de facto capital of Brussels.

The lines will be inaugurated no later than 1 August 2022 and their development will be funded by Sweden with 400 million Swedish kroner and Denmark with 5 million Danish kroner per year between 2021 and 2023.

Authorities believe that with more and more taxes being imposed on flying, low-cost flights will become less attractive to citizens. That is why a viable alternative can be found in overnight railway transport and night trains that connect crucial parts of the continent together and do so in an environmentally friendly manner.



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