Norrköping offers the first Swedish secure digital meeting service for residents , Source: Depositphotos

Norrköping – first in Sweden to offer secure digital meetings to residents

Norrköping – first in Sweden to offer secure digital meetings to residents

This is available both for individual and group sessions, and a clear mark that digitization is here to stay

Today, 2 September, the Municipality of Norrköping is launching a new digital service called Safe Meetings. It will allow residents to conduct their meetings with administration officials not only virtually but also more securely, including the possibility to share sensitive document files. This, as the local authorities have claimed, is the first such service offered in Sweden.

And the first to use the new tool are the social welfare department, and the labour market and adult education office.

The mark of the new social habits in the wake of the pandemic

The service must be used in digital meetings where sensitive issues need to be discussed. Examples of when the service should be used are meetings between social workers and clients, meetings for coordinated individual planning (SIP) with users, case managers and other authorities, as well as internal work meetings between case managers.

The pandemic has changed many people's habits, and digital meetings have become part of everyday life. We want to be at the forefront when it comes to digital solutions and adapt to changes in a safe and secure way. Many platforms for digital meetings have security limitations, but with Secure Meetings, digital meetings can be held, and provide the opportunity to share digital documents according to current legislation and security requirements. Being able to offer this IT service is completely in line with Norrköping municipality's digitization strategy,” says Anna Drotz, digitization director.

The social services department of the Swedish city is also hopeful that the new Safe Meetings tool can offer greater satisfaction and trust among the users of its services.

We will increase our availability and flexibility. Both in individual meetings and where more parties are involved. The development of this service is also in demand within our office. Being able to have information-secure digital meetings creates security for both employees and our clients,” added Pernilla Thott Ljung, director of the labour market and adult education department.



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