Aerial view of the power plant, Source: Norrkoping Municipality

Norrköping sells off one of its industrial landmarks

Norrköping sells off one of its industrial landmarks

But the catch is that price here is not the most important aspect

Earlier this week, the Swedish Municipality of Norrköping released a tender for a land allocation competition for the so-called ‘Triangle Properties located in Sylten district in the inner city. This site is home to Bråvallaverket, an old heating plant that used oil as a source of generating electrical power. In a good example of a sustainable policy in the field of procurement and tenders, the Municipality has announced that the criteria that will determine the winning bid will not be the highest price offered but a plan that would envision a sustainable and cultural transformation of the site with a view to tangible rejuvenation.

Reconverting, rather than destroying industrial heritage

Built in the early 1970s, the power plant was used as a back-up to the electrical grid of the city in case of a failure, the last such occasion been in the winter of 2010. The plant was decommissioned in July 2011 and for the last decade has laid abandoned and subject to degradation.

The plant and adjacent industrial buildings are envisioned as part of an upgrade and rethinking for the inner city.

The area can be Norrköping's next industrial landscape. Here we have the chance to build on Norrköping's inner city with an exciting urban environment of beautiful factory buildings, new innovative architecture, quays and water and the green Syltenberget, says Martin Heidesjö, urban planning strategist at Norrköping Municipality,” explained Martin Heidesjö, urban planning strategist at the municipality.

Candidates can apply until 3 May and submit questions for clarification by 14 April. It is expected from them to submit development project plans in partnership with a reputable architect.

“We are looking for an actor who has the knowledge required to transform culturally and historically valuable buildings. We envisage that it will be filled with commercial services and service companies, perhaps also with elements of housing,” added Frida Resvik, a municipal development engineer.

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