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Odense helps residents honour loved ones with a new memorial grove

Odense helps residents honour loved ones with a new memorial grove

They can honour loved ones and mark important events whilst contributing to the creation of a greener city

The Danish municipality of Odense has collaborated with the national organisation Plant et Træ (Plant a Tree) to create Danmarkslunden Odense, a memorial grove. The first stage of this project took place in 2020 when Odense selected an area of 5,100 m2 for the development of the grove. Now, the project will finally come to life as the city and the organisation will plant the first 30 trees on 13 June.

Residents can honour people and events by planting trees

In a press release, the municipality explains that residents will now be able to honour loved ones as well as important events (such as births, engagements, weddings, etc.) by planting trees that grow for hundreds of years. It must be noted that although the memorial grove will hold sentimental value to residents, it will also play an important role in creating a clean and green city.

Trees will be planted 12 metres apart to ensure that there is sufficient space between them so that each one can stand out on its own. So far, the Plant et Træ organisation has planted over 1.5 million trees all over Denmark. With Danmarkslunden Odense, this number will continue to rapidly grow.

Culture Councillor Christoffer Lilleholt commented on the significance of the new memorial grove, noting: “We need to remember friends, families or big events, and Danmarkslunden will be a really beautiful setting for the memories. Over time, more and more trees and memories will be added, so that it will develop into an area that is good for the climate, the environment and ourselves. I am sure that many will appreciate a quiet walk between the trees, and I warmly welcome Plant et Træ to Odense.”

The opening ceremony will take place on 13 June at Hollufgård where approximately 90 residents will participate in the planting of the first trees.



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