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Odense Municipality adopts a new youth strategy

Odense Municipality adopts a new youth strategy

“All young people must be able to fend for themselves – but not alone.”

Now more than ever, young people are finding it challenging to transition from adolescence into adulthood. This is owed to many factors, including the fact that it has become more difficult to enter the labour market and secure a job.

Acknowledging the numerous difficulties faced by teenagers today, Odense Municipality has developed a new youth strategy designed for young people who need extra support. The strategy has been created in dialogue with these individuals, their families, and employees of the municipality. Moreover, it has been developed following a 2019 report which found that the administration must strengthen its youth-centred services.

What are the aims of Odense’s Youth Strategy 2021?

The new strategy primarily seeks to ensure the smooth transition of adolescents into adulthood. This will be done by increasing the coordination and cooperation between young individuals, parents, and professionals. As such, the youth strategy’s motto is: “All young people must be able to fend for themselves – but not alone.”

In a press release, Odense Municipality highlights that the needs of all people differ. Therefore, some require more support than others. Taking a case in point, the municipality explains that while there may be teenagers who can easily transition into adulthood, there are young people with disabilities who require additional support for longer periods of time.

Commenting on this, Councillor in the Elderly and Disability Administration Søren Windell explained: “As a municipality, we must be secondary in the lives of young people. Being independent is very much about making your own choices on your own behalf.

For some young people, independence will require the young person to be supported by other people to a greater or lesser extent. The goal is, however, that all young people live as independent an adult life with the responsibility and the obligations, opportunities and joys as possible.”

No child will be left behind

According to Odense Municipality, one of the youth strategy’s main principles is to never give up on a young person, even if they have done so themselves. In other words, it is to ensure that they always have a support network that encourages them to pursue education, employment, etc.

In addition to this, the municipality will help young people through systemic and targeted preventative work. Finally, it will adapt its strategy based on data and feedback gathered from young people and their experiences in Odense.



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