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Odense to build 70-hectare solar farm in 2022

Odense to build 70-hectare solar farm in 2022

It will supply over 11,000 households with sustainable energy

On 6 October, the city council in Odense municipality met to approve the construction plans for a 70-hectare photovoltaic plant. This solar farm will be located close to the Svendborg motorway, between Højby and Allerup. More importantly, it will be the largest photovoltaic plant in Odense.

An ideal location

In a press release, the municipality revealed that the company GreenGo Energy will be responsible for building the solar farm in 2022. According to the company’s Deputy Director Sonny Englund, the photovoltaic plant’s location is perfect:

“The area is ideal for a solar park. With the many hours of sunshine on Funen, we can get a great result out of the plant and thus produce a large amount of green energy. We also understand that Odense Municipality views renewable energy positively and wants to be an active player in the green transition, which of course means a lot to us.”

GreenGo Energy has outlined the location of the solar farm
Source: GreenGo Energy

Climate neutrality by 2030

Like many municipalities today, Odense has expressed its commitment to becoming greener and more sustainable. Its most ambitious and challenging goal is that of achieving climate neutrality by 2030. To ensure the achievement of this goal, Odense recently outlined a detailed climate action plan with a strategic framework to help it meet its targets.

Now, with the decision to build a 70-hectare solar farm, the municipality is coming closer to achieving its ambitious goals. According to the municipality, the photovoltaic system is expected to supply sustainable electricity to approximately 11,250 households by 2023.

Councillor Christoffer Lilleholt discussed the significance of the large plant, noting that the city council’s approval of the new solar farm acts as proof of Odense’s commitment to the green transition. Lilleholt went further, sharing that he hopes other municipalities in Denmark follow Odense’s example and take action to contribute to a more sustainable future.



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