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Odense wants to reduce health inequalities

Odense wants to reduce health inequalities

Volunteers will help vulnerable individuals between the ages of 15 and 30

On 27 May, the City of Odense reported that health inequality is a major issue in Denmark. As such, it is seeking ways in which it can reduce this inequality and help those who need support. In a press release, the municipality announced that the Employment and Social Affairs Administration has collaborated with volunteers from Social Health Odense to help young and vulnerable individuals.

Social Health Odense’s volunteers are students who are training to be doctors, nurses, or social and health assistants. These students will now support those who are vulnerable and between the ages of 15-30 who find it challenging to visit hospitals or access the health services that they need. Volunteers can help in numerous ways, such as by accompanying those who struggle with mental illnesses to psychiatric appointments.

Reducing health inequalities

Employment and Social Affairs Councillor Brian Dybro commented on the Danish health care system, noting: “There is far too much inequality in health in Denmark, and this means that young people in vulnerable positions have difficulty getting the optimal help in our health care system. It also makes it difficult for young people to pursue their hopes and dreams of, for example, education or jobs. It is crucial that we make it as easy, safe and clear as possible for the young people to get help for their health, and here the volunteers will be a good supplement.”

Chairman of Social Health Odense Ulrik Sørensen Schmidt further commented: “We welcome this collaboration with the municipality, because it is 100% in line with our overall goal of helping more people benefit from the health care system. With this agreement, we will be able to recruit more volunteers and therefore help more.”

Ultimately, Odense municipality hopes that by reducing health inequalities, it will help young people overcome health-related obstacles so that they can pursue their dreams of studying or working.



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