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Oeiras Valley gets a new addition

Oeiras Valley gets a new addition

The new headquarters of PHC Software was recently unveiled there

On 9 April, the Mayor of Oeiras, Isaltino Morais, attended the opening of a new feature at the Taguspark in his municipality – the headquarters of PHC Software. Taguspark is a technological space that has been in existence since 1992, making it the first such in Portugal. Since then, it has grown to become home to many multi-national companies and start-ups and is the core of the so-called Oeiras Valley, sitting at the forefront of innovation in the Iberian country.

Portugal wants to attract talents and become a hub for digital innovation

PHC Software is a Portuguese tech company that, however, has already established a significant global presence with clients in over 25 countries and offices in Porto, Madrid, Maputo, Luanda and Lima. This new headquarter building, called ‘Edifício Simulador I - Edifício PHC’ is strategic given its location. Taguspark and Oeiras are located in the Greater Lisbon Metropolitan Area and only 24 minutes by car from the Lisbon International Airport.

The new building is meant to supposedly revolutionize the concept of a working space, which is not surprising for a company that had been previously awarded for providing comfortable working conditions to its employees. The facility is spread over 8000 square metres and counts with 5 levels, two of which are underground.

It will have a capacity for 250 people and officials are confident that it will transform and orient the idea of office space in future construction projects in the tech park, as well.

"These PHC facilities, with excellent conditions for their workers to carry out their activities with innovation and creativity, reflect the ambition already demonstrated by the Taguspark administration and what we determined as a new development cycle in the Municipality of Oeiras and in the Oeiras Valley brand,” said Isaltino Morais, the mayor of the municipality. 



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