The essence of being a woman - distilled into a gelato?, Source: Unsplash

On 8 March, you can try a woman-flavoured ice cream in Genoa

On 8 March, you can try a woman-flavoured ice cream in Genoa

Three of the city’s artisanal ice cream makers have sought inspiration for this most female of holidays

For a different sampling of International Women’s Day, why not visit Genoa? Three ice cream parlours in the Ligurian capital have decided to celebrate the special day by creating unique flavours of the sweet treat – and all of them are inspired by the concept of women.

All throughout the week, the ice cream makers Capriccio, Cremeria delle Erbe and Viganotti have been offering their customers specially prepared flavours that have sought to capture the essence and wonder of being a woman.

The sweet tastes of 8 March

The three artisanal parlours each created their own unique ice cream flavour – let’s take a look at them.

Gelateria Viganotti gave life to a flavour called "Val d'Oro and Ibiscus, from the sunny lands of the south to the peaks of the Dolomites”. The ingredients are a selection of citrus fruits and an infusion of red tea and hibiscus. 

Gelateria Capriccio offers an ice cream simply titled “Women”, a blueberry and sparkling wine sorbet with passion fruit ripple and grated lemon peel. 

“Primavera in rosa”, on the other hand, is the semifreddo streaked with berry puree and decorated with sponge cake offering from Cremeria delle Erbe. Its characteristic pink colour is given by the beetroot powder.

The philosophy of the initiative that we present today thanks to the mastery and creativity of the Genoese ice cream makers is clear: even a simple gesture like eating an ice cream becomes an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of March 8th,” commented Simona Ferro, the Liguria Region Equal Opportunities Councilor.

The councillor made sure to try all three flavours. If you happen to be in or near Genoa on 8 March, why not follow in her footsteps and do the same?

The politician expressed hope that this creative spurt will take over the entire region of Liguria next year. And we can only hope that it takes over the world as well.



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