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One month to read Polish books for free

One month to read Polish books for free

12 Polish best-selling e-books and audio books are available at no charge in November #TheMayorEU

The Polish city of Poznan is part of the campaign Czytaj PL (Read PL), which allows for a free download of Polish best-selling e-books and audio books. It is considered as the largest action promoting reading in the country, as there are over 500 Polish cities, as well as 14 official institutions participating.

There are already more than 40 posters around Poznan, mostly hung on city lights, each of them containing a QR code, which gives access to the book directory. In order to borrow a book for free, visitors of the participating cities are supposed to download the Woblink Google App and scan the QR codes, which allows for access to till the end of November 2019.

Alongside the national campaign, a separate action is occurring in Polish schools, during which pupils can borrow a book during the five-minute break in the school corridor.

The action is organized by the City of Krakow, the Krakow Festival Office and the platform. The Book Institute is a strategic partner.

The 12 books available to download are the following:

  1. Olga Tokarczuk "Opowiadania bizarne"
  2. Magdalena Grzebałkowska "Komeda. Osobiste życie jazzu"
  3. Christophe Galfard "Wszechświat w twojej dłoni"
  4. Anna Brzezińska "Córki Wawelu"
  5. Wojciech Chmielarz "Cienie"
  6. Anna Ficner-Ogonowska "Okruch"
  7. Remigiusz Mróz "Hashtag"
  8. Mark Bowden "Polowanie na Escobara"
  9. Joanna Jax "Zemsta i przebaczenie"
  10. Reni Eddo-Lodge "Dlaczego nie rozmawiam już z białymi o kolorze skóry"
  11. Ariely Dan "Potęga irracjonalności"
  12. John Flanagan "Zwiadowcy. Księga 1. Ruiny Gorlanu"


Source: Municipality of Poznan



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