Free guided tours will take place every Saturday, Source: Visit Opatija on Facebook

Opatija promotes itself as ‘an oasis of health and wellness’

Opatija promotes itself as ‘an oasis of health and wellness’

Tourists can take part in free Nordic walks every Saturday as the Croatian city encourages an active lifestyle

On 4 March, the Tourist Board of Opatija launched a programme dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In a press release, the Croatian City of Opatija revealed that it chose the month of March for the beginning of the “Opatija – an oasis of health and wellness” project for two main reasons.

That is, it wants to mark the transition from winter to spring and put a spotlight on its reputation as a health destination. Expanding on this, the city revealed that it was first proclaimed an imperial health resort on 4 March 1889. Since then, it has successfully retained its title as a favourite Adriatic health destination.

Free guided tours

As part of the programme, visitors and residents will have the chance to take part in free and guided Nordic walks. Those interested in welcoming the new season and embracing a more active lifestyle can now do so every Saturday from March to May and September to December.

The tours will begin at 10 am, starting in front of the Villa Angiolina. Led by licensed Nordic walking guides, they will run along Opatija's historical trails and give participants a deeper insight into the city's past. These trails include the Lungomare coastal promenade, the Carmen Sylva forest promenade, and the Milkmaid’s Road to Veprinac.

In addition to this, Opatija will also host the Croatian Festival of Sports Recreation next month, on 9 April. What is more, the city’s hotels and spa & wellness centres will offer special benefits and treatments to visitors as part of the programme. Commenting on the project, Director of Opatija’s Tourist Board Suzi Petričić shared:

“The well-known saying that "health comes first" is often ignored in today's busy world, but in recent years there has been a growing awareness of the need for an active lifestyle and care for their health. This is shown by our many years of experience in organizing the project "Opatija - an oasis of health and wellness" which with each new edition attracts more and more guests who plan to come to Opatija just to be able to participate in walks and other events.”



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