Opatija's coastal promenade, Source: Opatija Tourist Board

Opatija unveils an interactive map of its coastal promenade

Opatija unveils an interactive map of its coastal promenade

The digital version of the famous attraction marks its 111th anniversary

To celebrate the 111th anniversary of its famous coastal promenade, the Croatian City of Opatija has unveiled an interactive map where anyone from anywhere in the world can take a “virtual walk”. By simply clicking on a link, one can transport themselves to the tourist destination and learn about its historical and cultural attractions. 

To see photographs or videos of specific landmarks, one must select one of the “points of interest” on the map. Doing so will then transport the user to another page, featuring visual content as well as information that explains the history of the landmark and why it is significant. 

Opatija’s most popular attraction 

According to a press release by the Croatian city, the coastal promenade is an “unavoidable part of every tourist’s visit”. Moreover, it has always been an inspiration to artists and is featured in the majority of Opatija’s postcards. The director of the Opatija Tourist Board, Suzi Petričić, commented on the new interactive map, sharing:

“The favourite promenade of Opatija and its guests has now been moved to the virtual world and thus become available for “walking” along with the help of computers, smartphones, and tablets. [...] Of course, a virtual walk cannot fully convey that feeling of walking along the coastal path above a grotto shaped by waves, beneath green canopies carried by light breezes and between architecturally impressive villas surrounded by lush gardens, but it can convey the core of Lungomar as Opatija’s past and present.”

It is important to note that other cities have also launched similar maps since the outbreak of the pandemic. Taking a case in point, TheMayor.EU previously reported that the Croatian City of Split unveiled a virtual tour to promote itself as an attractive destination last year. 

View the map of Opatija’s coastal promenade here. 



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