The unique "mute opera experience" can be viewed on Friday and Saturday at Orunia Station, Source: GAK Orunia station

Opera for hearing-impaired children: innovative project from Gdansk

Opera for hearing-impaired children: innovative project from Gdansk

A unique art experience bridges the gap between the deaf and the hearing in the Polish city

The city website of Gdansk informed of a new inclusive experience aimed at the auditory-impaired - a “mute opera”. Organised by Orunia Station - a branch of the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture, it can be watched free of charge at the institution’s seat and Facebook page or on YouTube, on 29 and 30 October.

One can consume and convey art with different senses

"Mute Opera" is an integrative art project which has received funding from the Ministry of Culture of Poland. It is aimed at bridging the gap between deaf and hearing people. As part of it, the Orunia Station has been conducting interdisciplinary educational activities combining theatre, dance and opera, with children and young people with various levels of auditory skills for the past few weeks.

The project thus concludes with a performance by workshop participants. The action takes place from the perspective of people with hearing disabilities in reference to the plot of the opera "The Mute Girl of Portici".

The classical opera tells a tragic love story in which the mute Fenella is abandoned by her lover, the son of the viceroy of Naples, which drives her to want to take her own life. This breeds the rage of the inhabitants who, frustrated by the willfulness of the rulers, initiate a revolution. Similarly, the “mute opera” project wants to make its own revolution in people’s perception about deaf people.

In the experimental variant of the opera, participants will present their vision of the world in a colourful and surprising way, thanks to which the viewer will have the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the youngest people with hearing impairments. The script was created by Barbara Piórkowska, while music is by Ignacy Wiśniewski, a jazz pianist and composer.

The performance of "Mute Opera" will be shown at the Orunia GAK Station (9, Dworcowa street) twice - on Friday and Saturday, 29-30 October. Attendance is free with preliminary registration at or 693 721 136. The performance will also be available for a month on the YouTube and on Facebook of the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture.



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