Oradea is a city praised for its preserved examples of Art Noveau architecture

Oradea offers tourists an enticing package of free stuff through a digital platform

Oradea offers tourists an enticing package of free stuff through a digital platform

Local authorities are partnering up with cafés, restaurants, hotels and museums to offer overnight guests the best possible experience of Romania’s Art Noveau city

This week, the Romanian city of Oradea announced the launch of their tourism campaign called ‘Oradea with love’. The campaign focuses on a partnership between local businesses, as well as tourism destinations with municipal authorities, to offer visitors free perks.

The basic concept behind the campaign is that if visitors stay more than two consecutive nights in one of the partnering hotels, they will have free access to many local museums, landmarks and public transport. The campaign will launch on 15 April and will last all the way until the end of December.

At the same time, cafés, restaurants and establishments that provide overnight stay who want to take part in the campaign have until 8 April to contact the tourism office ‘VisitOradea’ to grant discounted offers.

How to apply

The main point of contact between tourists and all participating enterprises will be maintained through a website, where visitors will have the opportunity to register their stay, as well as generate promo codes and QR codes.

Moreover, to be eligible for getting all the free stuff local authorities are preparing, tourists will have to stay in one of the affiliate accommodations, that can also be found on the site.

Here are some of the perks the city has in store for the visitors, apart from the free public transport for 24 hours and the discounts at affiliate cafes and restaurants.

Free access to the tourist objectives under the administration of the Bihor Historical Monuments Protection Foundation (Oradea Heritage):

  • Oradea City Hall Tower;
  • Darvas-La Roche House;
  • Temple of Freemasonry Oradea;
  • Neological Synagogue Zion;
  • Aachvas Rein Synagogue - Synagogue of Jewish History in Oradea.

Free access to all museum sections belonging to the Museum of the Land of Crișuri Oradea - Museum Complex:

  • Criș Country Museum;
  • Oradea City Museum - Oradea Fortress;
  • Aurel Lazăr Memorial Museum;
  • Ady Endre Memorial Museum;
  • Joseph Vulcan Memorial Museum.



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