Authorities have earmarked 320 square meters to be redeveloped into self-sustainable spaces , Source: City of Oradea

Oradea turns green spaces into self-sustainable gardens

Oradea turns green spaces into self-sustainable gardens

With the right combination of plants, these green spaces could be beautiful all year round

On 16 November, authorities in Oradea, Romania, announced they will implement a new concept for certain green spaces in the city. The project calls for redeveloping green spaces with local perennial plants and according to the lead landscape designer Diana Codrean, the finished spaces will be self-sustainable and require almost no human maintenance.

The city of Oradea has embraced this concept which arguably has enormous potential to increase local biodiversity by accommodating more region-specific wild animals in the urban environment while realising savings for the municipality.

Green spaces with little maintenance

According to a statement by the city, the re-designed spaces will require around only 5 minutes of work per square metre, per year. Experts say that this estimate would become true after the second year the green spaces are in place, as the unique biome landscapers are creating needs time to grow and settle in properly.

The project previews the planting over 2,300 perennial flowers, grasses, shrubs and hundreds of spring bulbs on an area of around 320 square meters. Additionally, the plants would also need little fertilizer and watering as they will be suited to the local conditions.

Authorities also underline that after the green spaces form their own biome, they will improve the structure of the soil thanks to the interpenetrating root system and thus contribute to soil aeration. This factor helps plants to take the necessary oxygen and water. Moreover, perennial plants have a deeper root system, accessing the substances and mineral elements available in the deeper soil layer.

Also, it is claimed that if landscapers choose the right mix of flowers, these green spaces can have a colorful and decorative coverage all year round, instead of just in certain months.



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