The reception centre offers around 100 beds, Source: City of Osijek

Osijek unveils reception centre for Ukrainian refugees

Osijek unveils reception centre for Ukrainian refugees

Families will have access to beds, food, medical aid, and psychosocial assistance

This weekend, the Croatian City of Osijek prepared and unveiled a reception centre for Ukrainian refugees. Located in South Hall 2, the centre will temporarily accommodate those fleeing the country and provide them with food, medical aid, and psychosocial assistance. 

In a press release, the Chief of Staff of the Civil Protection of Osijek, Dragan Vulin, explained that the municipality is transporting refugees from Croatia’s border to the reception centre. Taking this further, the Chief of Staff of the Civil Protection of Osijek-Baranja County, Mato Lukić, shared:

“Preparatory activities began a few days ago because, given the situation in Ukraine, we expect the arrival of refugees in our area. About a hundred beds have been provided in the South Hall, and according to our information, a smaller number of families from Ukraine have already entered Croatia in the area of our county, i.e., from Serbia or Hungary.”

Lukić further revealed that many refugees are currently staying with friends and family in the region and that the municipality is ready to increase the hall's capacity if the need arises.

Reception Centre OsijekPutting up the Ukrainian flag in the reception centre (Source: City of Osijek)

Longer periods of stay

It is important to reiterate that the South Hall will only offer temporary accommodation. As such, the City of Osijek is working on creating other opportunities for longer periods of stay in hotels, hostels, and boarding houses, among others.

Citizens in the region are also eager to help the Ukrainian refugees, offering them access to private housing. Martina Hećimović from the City Society of the Red Cross Osijek expanded on this, noting:

“Due to the great interest of families from the Osijek-Baranja County who are willing to accept refugees, the Red Cross is starting to create a database of private accommodation. However, the Civil Protection Headquarters is primarily working on providing organised accommodation, which is enough for now.”

View the gallery above for photographs of the reception centre in Osijek. 



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