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Ostrava expands eco-fleet with electric freight cars

Ostrava expands eco-fleet with electric freight cars

The city's ecological fleet is now made up of 64 vehicles

As of last week, five districts of Ostrava are better equipped to cope with greenery management, maintenance of roads or waste collection. The districts Hrabová, Krasne Pole, Nova Ves, Radvanice and Bartovice and Stara Bela now boast brand new electric trucks at the total cost of 5.67 million CZK. Part of the amount is funded through the State Environmental Fund of Czechia.

The first commercial electric trucks, model ALKÉ ATX N1 340 EDH, arrived in the districts on 6 November, following an expansion of the city’s fleet with another 11 eco-friendly vehicles in September. Mayor of Ostrava Tomáš Macura explains that his municipality is considered a leader in the implementation of new and eco technologies. In support of his  claim he cited data showing that the municipality has applied for subsidies for the highest number of eco-vehicles from the State Environmental Fund with two calls only.

Subsidies for electric vehicles

“We have already motivated the city districts to buy passenger cars and have provided them with a subsidy of CZK 200,000 for each truck from the municipal environmental fund. Each locality thus paid about three hundred thousand for a new utility electric vehicle, when the subsidy from the state fund was six hundred thousand crowns,” added Mayor Macura.

The last time that the ecological fleet of the city grew was in September, when representatives of the City Hall, Districts and the Municipal Police aquired 11 new eco-cars. Five vehicles were intended for the Municipal Police of Ostrava (3 with CNG drive and 2 electric cars), 3 electric cars were for the municipality and the municipal districts of Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz, Hošťálkovice and Ostrava-Jih received one electric car each.

Thus, the city's ecological fleet is now made up of 64 vehicles. A total of 37 were purchased with subsidies, another 27 - from the city budget. Most of them are available to the city police; 44 run on CNG (compressed natural gas) and 2 are electric cars. The city districts have 12 and the municipality - 8.



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