tallest building in Czechia, Source: RT Torax

Ostrava to welcome the tallest building in Czechia

Ostrava to welcome the tallest building in Czechia

It will be 60 storeys high and 238 metres tall

Ostrava is selling a unique plot in its city centre to a local company, which in the future will host the tallest building in Czechia, announced local authorities last week. The land along 28. října Street, referred to as Slza (tear in Czech), will welcome a 60-storey commercial and administrative centre with an adjacent hotel and apartments.

Breaking up with the mining heritage of Ostrava

An area of almost 8,300 square metres is being purchased by RT Torax for CZK 61.7 million including VAT. Ostrava city representatives approved the deal on Wednesday 24 June, which will make possible to transform the terrain into a massive trade and administration facility within the next few years.

The decision to sell the land was made last year in spring, with a minimum offer price set at 37 million korunas (1.38 million euros). The city required the building to have at least twelve floors and to comply with the applicable zoning plan and the basic functional and spatial regulatory conditions of January 2019.

According to the Mayor of Ostrava Tomáš Macura there have been projects to construct a high-rise building in the tear-shaped plot, where until 1986 was a coal mine with a coke plant. In his opinion, this record-breaking for the Czech Republic building (60 storeys and 238 metres) will completely fulfil these plans and “complement the gradual development of Nova Karolina in a modern district with quality housing and rich civic amenities.”

Tallest building in Czechia by RT ToraxThe highest bidder, the Ostrava-based RT Torax, intends to build a residential building and an administrative centre with 60 floors. Visualisation by RT Torax

Тhe residential tower will host apartments and there will be office space on the lower floors of the administrative tower, as well as a hotel with a lookout restaurant in the upper part. On the ground floor, there are commercial premises and a conference centre previewed.

The construction will include common underground garages for about 700 cars. The ground floor will connect the Forum Nová Karolina shopping mall, 28. října street and the city boulevard Jantarová street. The buildings must be completed by 2026.

More details on the project will be given after a geological survey of the land is carried out, explained a representative of the company, quoted by the municipal website. RT Torax, however, promises to build an interestingly designed, functional and innovative building of unusual appearance, and at the same time of high architectural quality.



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