rainwater catcher, Source: Municipality of Ostrów Wielkopolski

Ostrow Wielkopolski reuses rainwater, thanks to a pilot subsidy programme

Ostrow Wielkopolski reuses rainwater, thanks to a pilot subsidy programme

Counteracting the adverse effects of climate change should become a part of everyday life, believes the Polish city

Ostrow Wielkopolski has announced a pilot subsidy programme to stimulate reuse of rainwater. PLN 70,000 from the local budget will be allocated for the purchase of rain catchers for the households in the Polish city.

Climate change is back on the political agenda

Now that life is gradually returning to normal and we learn how to live despite the ever-present coronavirus threat, some of the problems of the past return to the political agenda. Without any doubt, European cities remember very well the record-high temperatures we observed last summer and the accompanying drought, heat and flooding.

And if solutions to counteracting climate change are yet to be agreed upon at a national and supranational level, there exist some simple ideas on how households can prepare for the upcoming summer season. One of them is the Polish Ostrow Wielkopolski, which has recently announced a measure aimed at preserving drinking water, by stimulating the reuse of rainwater.

Preserving drinking water

The municipality has set aside some 70 thousand zlotych for the purchase of rain catchers, which shall serve during rainfall and drought. The rainwater collected in these simple containers can be used during summer heat when there is no rain, avoiding the need to use drinking water when it is not needed – for example for street cleaning or gardening.

Counteracting adverse climate effects should become everyday life. It is also the role of local governments to set new trends in this area - to persuade and support residents to save water and rationally manage water in their households” said Beata Klimek, Mayor of Ostrów quoted by the municipal portal.

The distribution of non-returnable grants to the Polish households will begin in June. Housing communities, legal entities and entrepreneurs can also apply for a subsidy to purchase the system for retention and reuse of rainwater. The subsidy will be granted for expenses related to the purchase, execution and assembly of elements.



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