Athens distributes food packages to vulnerable individuals, Source: Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis on Facebook

Over 23,600 vulnerable citizens in Athens will receive Easter meals

Over 23,600 vulnerable citizens in Athens will receive Easter meals

Athens wants to guarantee that nobody is left behind during the holidays

The City of Athens announced that it will distribute Easter food and sweets to more than 23,600 vulnerable citizens in the Greek capital. These "love meals" will be supplied to economically disadvantaged households as well as elderly and vulnerable individuals such as homeless people, drug addicts, and victims of abuse.

How will the packages be distributed?

Over the past several days, the municipality has helped 18,000 households and families by supplying them with food packages and basic material goods. These items have been allocated thanks to the European Aid Fund for the Poor (TEVA).

In addition to this, the Reception and Solidarity Centre of the City of Athens will help the homeless and vulnerable during the Easter holidays. That is, it will distribute 2,000 "love meals" on Holy Saturday (1 May) and Easter Sunday (2 May) from early morning to late at night.

Of course, festive meals will also be served in the establishments which have been built to help and accommodate those who are vulnerable (such as the Multipurpose Centre for the Homeless). According to a press release by the municipality, the menu will consist of traditional Easter dishes and sweets: dyed red eggs, lamb, pie, cheese, bread, seasonal fruits, buns, etc.

Finally, the municipality will also distribute sweets, buns, and antiseptic wipes to 3,600 seniors who have been alone and lonely throughout the past year.

Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis commented on the importance of these acts of kindness as he shared: “Crises are what make us give more value to what we have always taken for granted. For Athens, solidarity, support for those who need us and, above all, their dignity remain a daily requirement. […] Let no one ever be left alone.”

By distributing food packages and "love meals" to over 23,600 people in Athens, the municipality seeks to ensure that nobody is left behind and that everyone can enjoy a festive meal.



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