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Over the years Favrskov has been more and more focused on sustainability

Over the years Favrskov has been more and more focused on sustainability

An interview with Nils Borring, Mayor of Favrskov in Denmark

Nils Borring was born in Hammel in 1959. Borring is a teacher by profession and has several years of experience teaching children in a local public school. Since 2010 Nils Borring has been mayor of Favrskov Municipality. Borring has been a member of the municipal council since 1998 – first in Hammel Municipality and after the merging of municipalities in January 2007 in Favrskov Municipality. He represents the Social Democratic Party. Through the years Nils Borring has worked for the development of Favrskov Municipality and the welfare and prosperity of the 48.000 inhabitants.

Mr Borring, please list three of the strongest advantages of Favrskov municipality.

Favrskov Municipality is centrally elevated and located away from the coastline. Consequently, we are not highly challenged with climate change issues as other Danish municipalities.

You are mayor of Favrskov since 2010. How did the municipality change over this period?

We have over the years been more and more focused on sustainability, e.g. we have installed solar cells on municipal buildings, initiated energy improving changes in the public schools and have renewed the street lighting.

What other measures have you taken to achieve the aim of improving the quality of life in Favrskov?

We have a high focus on using our surroundings for outdoor activities for our citizens, e.g. outdoor cross-fitness facilities and mountain bike tracks. We also facilitate outdoor courses for citizens with depression, stress, etc.

Share some good practices and sustainable projects from your municipality. How do you finance them?

  • “Better Favrskov” (Bedre Favrskov): A municipal financed project that offers free sustainability check of private homes.
  •  “Energy bank”: A municipal financed project that initiates energy improving changes in the municipal buildings.
  • Forestation: In cooperation with the Danish Nature Agency and the public water waterworks, Favrskov Municipality have financed afforested area in order to protect the drinking water reservoir. We are planning to carry out several similar projects in the future.

There are a number of beautiful castles in Favrskov. How do you preserve and promote it?

The castles in Favrskov are privately owned, thus they are not a task of the municipality. Not all castles are open for the public.

How can TheMayor.EU be useful to your administration?

Share knowledge and be inspired.

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