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Padua begins installing playgrounds suitable for all ages

Padua begins installing playgrounds suitable for all ages

Isolation is tough not only on kids but also on adults, so playtime is needed for all

Last week, the municipal website of the Italian city of Padua announced that work on installing new state-of-the-art playground structures has begun in Iris Park as part of a project worth 300 000 euros. The new facilities are meant to be suitable for residents from different age groups, not just for children, in light of the isolation and lack of movement felt by all due to the lockdown measures in recent months.

It was also reported that three more areas in the city will get similar installations and that the project is led by the Cariparo Foundation, a philanthropic organization that aims to promote social inclusivity and development through concern for the physical and emotional wellbeing of all.

Regular exercise can mitigate the effects of depression

Authorities informed that the playground is designed in such a way that it can appeal both to children, those looking for leisure and those who need to challenge themselves athletically and work on their fitness routine. The facilities will include a reticular pyramid, an integrated pyramid with climbing shroud, slide and hammock, a block climbing structure and other multifunctional structures.

The materials used for the playground facilities are steel, aluminium and plastic resistant to weather conditions as well as to pressure and stress that may result from repeated usage or vandalism. Reportedly, they will be firmly anchored to the soft flooring and it is expected that the overall installation will take three weeks.

Padova officials have come to the conclusion that such playgrounds are sorely needed in the wake of the coronavirus restrictions and will provide much needed social coexistence and a platform to challenge oneself physically.

Later on, similar structures will be installed in the garden of the pitch in via Algarotti, in Perlasca Park in via Pio X and in Parco dei Salici.

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