Old books do not mean useless books. They are the ideal product for a circular way of life

Palermo waste company will have side gig as a donation library for 2 months

Palermo waste company will have side gig as a donation library for 2 months

This is part of a campaign to extend lifecycle of books in the context of the European Week of Waste Reduction

Palermo’s municipal waste management company RAP has decided to venture out with a campaign of its own in commemoration of the upcoming European Week of Waste Reduction (22-28 November). The initiative has the aim to bring better awareness about the values of circularity among the Sicilian capital residents by offering them the chance to bring their old books to recycling centres rather than just throwing them in the trash bin. In turn, RAP will compile a digital list of the donated books, which for 60 days can be consulted by people itching for a new read.

‘A book does not get ‘refused’’

The initiative is called: “A book cannot be ‘refused’. Give it a second life" – a play on the double meaning of the word ‘refuse’. The project has as its main theme the “circular community” and the circular way of life, the main themes of the European Week’s initiative of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The goal is to try and save books that would otherwise go in the unsorted trash waste bin. Citizens, for a whole week (from 22 to 30 November), will have the opportunity to bring their no-longer-needed books to all four recycling collection points in the city. The municipal company, in turn, after a prior selection, will make them available free of charge by donating them on request.

For this purpose, a virtual library will be created for viewing the books, which can be consulted on the Rap company website in a dedicated folder and for a limited time of 60 days. Anyone interested can then write to and reserve a book. The books can be collected by appointment at the Communication and URP office on Piazzetta Cairoli. The unclaimed books will be sent to the paper mill for recycling. 

Whatever the result, at least some people will get a new interesting read and fewer carbon emissions will go into the atmosphere.



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