If you're a Palma resident, next year you can hop on and off the bus as much as you wish, it won't cost you a dime, Source: Depositphotos

Palma de Mallorca’s city buses will be free to ride in 2023

Palma de Mallorca’s city buses will be free to ride in 2023

The move makes the regional capital the biggest city in Spain with free public transit

Yesterday, the mayor of Palma de Mallorca, Jose Hila, announced that the public city bus network will be free to use starting from 1 January 2023. Since September there has been a 50% discount applied, however, following an agreement between City Council and the regional government of the Balearic Islands for the allocation of 20 million euros – it will become a 100% discount on tickets.

The only requirement for passengers to access the full discount is to be holders of the so-called Palma citizen’s card (targeta ciutadana), which affirms they are registered residents of the municipality.

Most public transport will be free on the archipelago

Mayor Hila was proud to declare: “It is a measure to support families, it means a lot of savings and it also helps us to bet on public transport in Palma. We will be the largest Spanish city with free public transport.” He recalled that this milestone has been achieved with the collaboration of the central government and the regional government.

The Spanish government has disbursed some 43 million euros as a way to support inflationary-fighting measures at regional and local levels. The free bus rides announcement was actually preceded by another aid in November when it was stated that the metro, the intercity buses and trains on the Balearic Islands will also be free to use in 2023.

In the case of intercity mobility modes, this will be available to people holding transport passes, such as the Intermodal card. The measures have thus combined to pretty much implement free public transport on the whole archipelago, which is one of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions.

Naturally, that means that tourists from Spain and abroad will not be able to enjoy the free public transport option.



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