Paphos bolsters funding for tourism promotion and enhancement

Paphos bolsters funding for tourism promotion and enhancement

The city wants to become an even more attractive destination for travelers in 2021

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, local authorities in Paphos want to reestablish the city as the go-to tourist destination in Cyprus. Its latest action plan, worth some 480,000 euros constitutes a major part of their efforts as they focus on the promotion and development of tourism and travel in Paphos.

Hopes for a better year in 2021

Paphos’ new action plan was unveiled by the Paphos Regional Tourism Board earlier this week and it constituted of actions and projects worth a total of 480,000 euros. Some 65% of the amount will go towards the development and enhancement of the city’s tourism offer through the adoption of new technologies and the introduction of new visitor experiences.

The rest of the funding will be used for a targeted marketing campaign in the form of promotions for different destinations within Paphos. The ads and marketing campaigns will be directed both towards domestic tourists as well as foreign travellers who are eager to pay Cyprus a visit.

The main goal of the action plan is to position the entirety of Cyprus – and of Paphos, as leading tourist destinations come 2021. To achieve this, local authorities in the city will be working hand-in-hand with other national and regional institutions, as well as with a wide range of interested parties.

The action plan will also play a key role in the recovery of the Cypriot tourism industry following the COVID-19 pandemic. And while local officials in Paphos remain hopeful that they can kickstart the summer season as early as March 2021, estimates suggest that even if that happens without a hitch, it will take the sector at least 3 or 4 years to recover from the damages brought about by the pandemic.



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