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Pardubice launches a sustainable mobility plan

Pardubice launches a sustainable mobility plan

It aims to make transport in the city more efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly

On Tuesday, the Pardubice City Hall announced that it is working on a new plan for sustainable urban mobility called "ParduPlán". The document will define the strategic axes of transport development in Pardubice in the coming decades.

Why a plan for sustainable mobility?

ParduPlán is based on a detailed analysis of transport, which includes surveys of all roads in the Czech city, data collection, public involvement and the creation of a transport model. Its goal is the creation of a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transport in the city.

As the Mayor of the city Martin Charvát quoted by the municipal portal explained, “an efficient urban transport system is essential for the healthy economic and social development of life in the city” and  “all world cities, which are a symbol of high quality of life, work with strategic documents, an integral part of which is transport and its organisation”.

The elaboration of a sustainable mobility plan will also be a necessary condition for obtaining European funds after 2021 by cities with more than 40,000 inhabitants, explained Petr Kvaš, Deputy Minister for Transport.

The document will have a horizon of the next fifteen years with a short-term five-year action plan, or a list of transport projects in order of priority. The list of projects is tied to the city budget.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan will address all modes of transport in the city - public or individual, freight, non-motorized, parking, as well as all existing problems and future challenges and propose solutions. The elaboration of the Sustainable Mobility Plan will take approximately 2 years and will cost CZK 3.36 million to the city. It will be prepared by an external company.


The project is based on an analysis of the transport system, which will last until the end of 2020. This phase will include extensive research, data collection, transport model development and participation with professionals and the general public, which is essential for a modern approach to transport planning.

The design part will follow, which will last until the middle of 2021 and which will determine in which direction Pardubice will go in the field of transport. Within the design phase, a set of construction, investment, or organizational measures will be created that will help achieve the desired goal, ie to make transport in the city more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly.

The specificity of the Mobility Plan is "planning for people”, claims the local authority. Therefore, the document places great emphasis on the involvement of the general public. For this purpose, a web application has been developed, where residents and visitors of the city can share what bothers them about traffic in Pardubice.



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