The desing of the mural was curated by Bozko in collaboration with the kids, Source: For our Children Foundation

Parental aid centre in Sofia transforms into work of art

Parental aid centre in Sofia transforms into work of art

The building is adorned with murals by the Urban Creatures street art collective

Yesterday, the ‘For our Children’ Foundation in Sofia, Bulgaria, unveiled their renovated Centre for Early Childhood Development. The new complex has been dubbed a work of art due to the vibrant murals of local artist Bozko and the team at Urban Creatures – an art collective backed by Sofia Municipality.

According to a statement by Yasen Geshev, the founder of Urban Creatures, explains that this project is unique to their organisation. This is because Urban Creatures usually uses blank building walls in the Bulgarian capital to make larger-than-life murals, breaking the urban monotony and calling attention to themselves.

In this case, he points out, the artist opted to counsel the children about the composition and focused on vibrant and down-to-earth images that would bring joy to the centre’s daily visitors.

The Centre for Early Childhood Development

The ‘For our Children’ Foundation operates two centres for children's aid, one in Sofia and one in Plovdiv. The one in Sofia is dedicated to helping parents of children with disabilities, vulnerable households and foster parents, as well as domestic violence prevention courses.

The Centre is focused on providing a supportive environment for families, as well as hosting the first steps and first words of children. At the same time, the experts there aim to help parents and caregivers guide their children through the formative years of their development.

Ivanka Sharlanova, the executive director of the For our Children Foundation was quoted by the Bulgarian Telegraph Association, saying: “Thanks to Urban Creatures, the building has a new look, which enriches the senses. It also reminds our young and old visitors that the world is full of possibility.”



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