The Paris where a cup of joe costs 1 euro still exists, Source: Unsplash

Paris City Hall supports an interactive map of 1-euro coffee in the city

Paris City Hall supports an interactive map of 1-euro coffee in the city

Ten years after the start of the initiative and despite high inflation, the possibility to boost your day with a low-priced cup of joe is still there

Having a cup of coffee in Paris – do you think that’s still possible or are those lovely days long gone? That’s precisely what the local government decided to find out and help residents and visitors of the French capital to have a lovely moment for an affordable price.

It turns out that it’s still possible! Even ten years after the initiative to record the places which offer the drink for 1 euro was first launched.

The rising inflation in the past year has caused coffee and espresso prices to double or triple (these days, the common cost for these is well over 2 euros). Despite this, some establishments have said “non” and have maintained affordability. This interactive map shows all of the bars, restaurants and cafes in Paris where you can still enjoy a cup of joe for a buck.

The voice of the public

What’s great about this map is that, although it’s supported on the official site of the Paris City Hall, it can be and is regularly updated by the citizens themselves. Everyone can contribute to it and expand it.

If you find a nice spot that serves coffee or espresso for 1 euro, you can fill in the name of the establishment, and its address and even point out particularities, such as if the item is only available in the morning, or only at the counter. That’s true citizen service, right there.

It’s heartwarming to know that the Paris of yesteryear still exists in some pockets of the city and you don’t even have to dig around or have insider info to find out where things remain the way they used to be.

That way, the phrase “and just for the price of a cup of coffee” can continue to be shorthand for affordable value in life.



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