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Paris greenlights commercial 5G implementation locally

Paris greenlights commercial 5G implementation locally

The city approved the most protective framework in Europe, boasts Mayor Hidalgo

Yesterday, 10 March, the City Council of Paris adopted a Mobile phone charter. The document was issued after a large citizen consultation was conducted in the autumn of last year.

According to the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, her city is the first in France to introduce a regulation framework for the commercial deployment of 5G. So far, she also boasts on Facebook, this is the most protective regulation in Europe.

Mobile technologies: progressing with caution

The framework, adopted at yesterdays’ session of the local parliament, will make the commercial launch of 5G in the capital possible in the next couple of weeks. It is based on the conclusions of a citizen conference on 5G, that took place last year and that at the end of February was agreed upon by the mobile operators.

The framework provides for the limitation of exposure to waves, information and transparency on the installation of antennas, monitoring of the environmental impact and also sets out an independent control mechanism. The operators have thus made commitments to:

  • Optimize the recycling and reuse of telephone equipment;
  • Contribute to compliance with the Paris Agreement and the Climate Plan of the City of Paris;
  • Facilitate access for all to telephone services and digital inclusion;
  • Protect personal data and public freedoms;
  • Кeep citizens informed.

Paris has again confirmed its opposition to facial recognition experiments in public spaces.

Finally, to ensure the respect of the Charter and its adaptation to new realities, the implementation will be controlled by a future Mobile phone observatory. It will consist of elected officials from all political groups at Paris City Council, representatives of the four mobile operators, of consumers and tenants associations, environmental protection associations, national and regional agencies, two scientists and two individuals, who took part in the said citizens’ conference.

“I have always ensured that the deployment of new technologies, essential in our daily lives, is carried out with respect for environmental, social and ethical values. I am happy that this charter is part of this vision of progress”, Hidalgo concluded in a Facebook post.

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