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Paris hotels triple their prices for Olympic opening ceremony

Paris hotels triple their prices for Olympic opening ceremony

You should expect to pay more than 1,000 euros per night on average for a room

Consumer website Que Choisir found out that hotels in Paris have tripled their price rates for rooms for the night of 26/27 July, which is when the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games is expected to take place. Visitors can now expect to pay 1,033 euros on average per night if they want to be in the French capital at the start of the most awaited and popular sports event in the world.

The survey was conducted at the end of December and used as a basis 80 three- and four-star hotels in Paris. The researchers found that prices for the same rooms two weeks before the event averaged 317 euros, which is almost a third of the rate during the opening ceremony.

How booked up are Paris hotels for the Olympic ceremony?

At the time when the research was done, the consumer experts found out that despite the price increase of 226% half of the hotels had already been fully booked up, or at least the message was that they had no availability for that particular night.

In addition, 30% of hotels offering rooms require that you book for at least 2 nights (and this could go up to 5!). Seemingly this was a way to maintain their normal pricing per night, as calculations showed that it worked out to 391 euros per night on average. But then if the obligation was to book an average of 3.4 nights, you’d still have to fork out а considerable amount, sometimes in excess of 2,000 euros.

The Paris Tourist Office expects around 16 million people to visit the Paris region for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will put pressure on all levels of the housing and hotel market.

For their part, Airbnb urged Parisians to rent out their homes during the games to keep prices down.



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