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Paris seeks ways to quiet down by up to 4 decibels

Paris seeks ways to quiet down by up to 4 decibels

For this purpose, the authorities will try to reduce both environmental and neighbourhood types of noise

Noise pollution in the cities is increasingly seen as a public health issue in Europe and Paris makes no exceptions, given its size. The social cost of noise in Ile-de-France is estimated at 42.6 billion euros per year.

The French capital is, thus, in the midst of its second noise control plan (2021-2026) and in that context its government launched public consultations on Monday to find ways to reduce both environmental (transport) and neighbourhood (nightlife, etc) types of noises.

The first noise control plan, which operated between 2015 and 2020, reportedly reduced the noise levels by 2 decibels in many districts, however, there’s still more work to be done. The current goal is to provide noise reduction between 1 and 4 decibels where possible.

We are very concerned about being able to both guarantee the dynamism of Paris, its “lively” character and at the same time this fundamental right which is the right to rest and sleep,” explained the first deputy mayor, Emmanuel Grégoire, quoted by 20 Minutes.

Also experimenting with noise-reducing asphalt

For the purpose of the consultations, local committees will be brought together district by district under the leadership of Dan Lert, councillor for ecological transition, with the support of the city's health and safety delegations, as well as the municipal police.

The objective of the second noise control plan is to have 63% of Paris residents able to enjoy more silent nights in line with the standards set by the World Health Organization. Currently, that share is 54 %.

Another intriguing method that Paris has been testing out to lessen noise pollution in recent years has been the application of noise-reducing asphalt called BBPhon+.

According to residents on rue de Courcelles, where the asphalt coating was laid, residents have reported satisfaction with the noise reduction. However, the coating has failed in its other purpose – providing heat resistance. It only reduced the temperature by 1 per cent instead of the promised three.



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