The Agitos seen on the Triumphal Arch of Paris, Source: Ville de Paris/ Guillaume Bontemps

Paris’ Triumphal Arch boasts the symbols of the Paralympic Games

Paris’ Triumphal Arch boasts the symbols of the Paralympic Games

They are distinct from the Olympic Rings and have their own specific name as a unit

The sports world is looking forward to the official inauguration of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris on 26 July. However, we must not forget that the Olympic Games are only the first chapter of the overall event considered the largest sporting forum on the planet. Soon after the conclusion of the Olympic Games, the flame of competition will not die down in the French capital as a different set of athletes from around the world will then gather to compete for glory in the Paralympic Games from 28 August to 8 September.

The Paralympics, however, have their own slightly distinct identity, as they celebrate and promote the fact that the sports world is open and inclusive for everyone, not only regardless of their gender and nationality, but also regardless of their body ability.

That’s why the Paralympics have their own logo, called Agitos, which is different from the Olympics and its instantly recognizable interlocked Olympics Rings. The Paralympics logo is represented by three “commas” coloured red, blue and green. And these can now be seen standing proudly at the top of the Triumphal Arch, where they were installed today.

Paris’ other famous landmark – the Eiffel Tower – displays the Olympic Rings, which were decked on its structure on 6 June.

First Paralympics held in Paris

The word ‘Agitos’ comes from the Latin agito ("I move"). Each agito, made of decarbonized steel, weighs 1.5 tons! In the evening, the agitos will be lit in their colours using the cathedral technique.

On 28 August, the Paralympic athletes will walk down the most beautiful avenue in the world to reach the Place de la Concorde where the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, the first such in Paris, will take place.



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