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Park Güell tickets will only be sold online as a way to disperse crowds

Park Güell tickets will only be sold online as a way to disperse crowds

The tickets will be available for certain time slots in order to distribute the tourists more evenly throughout the day

Just two months after Barcelona’s Park Güell made headlines after the info about a bus line passing by it was removed from navigation maps, the city’s famous landmark is once again in the news. This time around, its management decided to make all ticket sales digital, starting from 1 July.

Just like with the bus line measure, this step was motivated by a desire to reduce the crowding in the area that has become an unwanted and annoying byproduct of the site’s popularity for tourists. Residents of La Salut, the neighbourhood where Park Güell is located have been complaining for years about the inconveniences of living next to a perennial tourist favourite.

Part of new plan for tourism management in Barcelona

The move to a complete digitization of ticket sales only comes naturally as online sales already accounted for 85% of the tickets sold.

Still, it is believed that it will completely eradicate crowding at the entrance and blocking off the adjacent street since tourists will now know when they can arrive according to a time slot. It will also remove inconveniences for tourists travelling to the entrance of the park only to find out that there are no more tickets.

The digitization of ticket sales is one of the measures as part of the recently announced plan for tourism management in the city.

Park Güell, designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi, officially opened as a public park in 1926 and since then it’s been mesmerizing visitors with its mixture of fairytale architecture and colourful mosaics. It has become one of those almost compulsory ‘must take a selfie’ spots for visitors from around the world.



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