Paterna - REDIT protocol signing, Source: Ayuntamiento de Paterna

Paterna sees its future as a place of business innovation

Paterna sees its future as a place of business innovation

Industry 4.0 will arrive in a planned and supported manner

Yesterday, 27 October, the Paterna City Council and the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT) signed a protocol of action which stipulated their commitment to work together in the field of business innovation and industrial transformation with the help of cutting-edge technology. The aim of the authorities is to turn their city into a place that is a role model riding on the crest of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – also known as Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is the ongoing automation and digitalization of manufacturing processes

REDIT is a non-profit organization working in research and development in fields, such as the Internet of Things. It carries out its activities through specialized centres, spread across the territory of the Valencian autonomous region, which are called Technological Institutes.

In the case of Paterna, REDIT and the local government will participate jointly in calls and innovation projects offered at the various administrative levels. On side of this cooperation means that the Network will provide valuable consultancy expertise in order to facilitate aspects, such as gaining access to financing programmes, the execution of technological developments and proposals, and the promotion of the benefits of technology and the circular economy.

“This collaboration framework with REDIT and the Technological Institutes that make it up will help us to implement actions aimed at promoting innovation with better results, incorporating Industry 4.0 into our business fabric. in short, to promote a change in the production model aimed at favouring the maintenance of the economic activity of our companies with the consequent maintenance, or an increase, in the level of employment in our city,” said Juan Antonio Sagredo, the Mayor of Paterna.

Another axis of cooperation is represented by the preferential use of the Technological Institutes by the City Council in the procedures of Public Purchase of Innovation and advice on the future launch of the FP Campus, designed for the teaching of training courses related to the professions of the future.



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