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Pau launches social network for support between neighbours

Pau launches social network for support between neighbours

The latest digital service in the French city aims to reduce loneliness and foster solidarity

The French city of Pau will have its own social network for neighbours. Ensembl'-Solidar'IT is a digital service fostering social bond and aid between the inhabitants of the Agglomeration. It was created as a means to facilitate the connection between all those who have something to offer and those who need help and solidarity.

The concrete objectives of the new solution are to:

  • Inform residents about actions taken to combat social isolation at neighbourhood level
  • Strengthen local solidarity by mobilizing the neighbourhood via digital tools
  • Animate and enhance neighbourhood life
  • Coordinate all local actors of solidarity
  • Contribute to the analysis of the social needs of the city and change the offer and practices

Digital solutions against social isolation

The neighbourhood network can come in handy in various situations, including shopping, taking care of children, additional classes, but also when one needs to share a hobby or needs company.

By launching the network, Pau wants to facilitate human relationships. Albeit the elderly persons are usually the most affected by social isolation, the phenomenon can also touch the youngest, single-parent families or people who have just recently arrived in the city.

The Ensembl'-Solidar'IT platform aims to be a facilitator in locating isolated people and connecting them with citizens or neighbours ready to share moments of conviviality or do a service for free. This digital solution can help boost mutual aid and intergenerational solidarity. It also helps to promote the establishment of a solidarity network ranging from residents to professionals, including associations and all stakeholders in the city. It is part of the Anti-loneliness plan operating in the territory of Pau.

How it works

The inhabitant subscribes to by filling in the form on the screen. He can then choose his neighbourhood perimeter, read a news feed, write posts or fill out a usability sheet. People who are not comfortable with computers or who are not equipped with one can register by telephone.



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